Clase de temperatura
Temperatura del producto conservado °C
0 +2
Temperatura normal
Grupo frigorifico incorporado
<p>Refrigeracion ventilada</p>
<p>Desescarche electrico</p>
<p>R 452A</p>
Grandes superficies
<p>Superficies mediansa</p>
<p>4ª gama</p>
<p>Pescado envasado</p>
<p>Platos preparados</p>
<p>Leche fresca</p>

The most important characteristic of model Impuls is the wide display area.

This is enhanced by its flexibility, which raises its functionality.

The cabinet can be placed as single one, in a line of two or four cabinets or in a square shape.

The multiplexing is very easy, skilled people are not required and the cabinets can be multiplexed in the shop directly. In this way the display area for one or more products can change in a flexible way.

Longitud sin laterales
Superficie de exposición horizontal
1140 mm
1,17 m2