Clase de temperatura
Storage temperature °C
0 +2
Temperatura normal
Grupo frigorifico incorporado
<p>Refrigeracion ventilada</p>
<p>Desescarche electrico</p>
<p>R 452A</p>
Grandes superficies
<p>Superficies mediansa</p>
<p>Platos preparados</p>
<p>Leche fresca</p>
<p>Pescado envasado</p>
<p>4ª gama</p>

The display cabinet Smart represents the ideal solution for all the situations, including the cases where the depth could be a constraint for a wall cabinet having traditional overall dimensions.

Such result has been achieved through a deep study, which has led to the reduction of the dimension of both base and height from the floor, ensuring anyhow a remarkable loading capacity.

The thin edges and the wide panoramic end panels reduce the perception of its presence, favouring the products displayed in the cabinet, which are well visible and easily reachable.

Longitud sin laterales
Superficie de exposición horizontal
1017 mm
1,7 m2
1330 mm
2,26 m2
1955 mm
3,39 m2
2580 mm
4,53 m2