Clase de temperatura
Storage temperature °C
0 +2
Temperatura normal
Grupo frigorifico incorporado
<p>Refrigeracion ventilada</p>
<p>Desescarche natural</p>
<p>R 452A</p>
Grandes superficies
<p>Superficies mediansa</p>
<p>4ª gama</p>
<p>Pescado envasado</p>
<p>Platos preparados</p>
<p>Leche fresca</p>

Classe energetica C
La información relativa a la clase energética (Reglamentos de Diseño Ecológico 2019/2024 y de Etiquetado Energético 2019/2018) se refiere a configuraciones precisas del producto. Cualquier configuración que sea diferente a aquella presentada en el sitio podría implicar un cambio significativo en la información relativa a la clase energética.
Para más detalles, consulte la Base de Datos Europea de Productos para el Etiquetado Energético EPREL o póngase en contacto con nuestras oficinas comerciales.

Eagle could be defined as Display System. The cabinet is in fact available in two heights, 3 lengths, a header, and can be considered a wall cabinet or placed back-to back. Its features make it suitable for promotions, for impulse sales, as island concept placed in a lane of the shop.

The typical layer arrangement of the shelves allows the optimum view on the products and make easier its access by the customer.

The accessories diversify Eagle further; the panoramic end panels highlight the visibility on the side and the lighted canopy, and the external areas as well, are suitable to be personalised with logos/images related to the products displayed in the cabinet.

All models are equipped with sliding doors in low-emissivity glass. This allows a positive saving of energy costs and the consequent reduction of operating costs and environmental impact.

Longitud sin laterales
Superficie de exposición horizontal
1017 mm
1,1 m2
1330 mm
1,5 m2
1955 mm
2,2 m2
TST 1444
1,5 m2